Learn and Understand C# Delegates fast by coding


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9 lessons
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Sandor Maraczy
  • Create and use delegates
  • Understand the real purpose of using delegates even without events in object-oriented programming
  • Recognize the scenarios, when you could make use of the delegates
  • Invoke multiple methods through a delegate
  • You will not only learn delegates in an easy way, but fully understand the concept of it
  • Create and use the built in Action<T>
  • Create and use the built in Func<T, TResult>


Make your code powerful by using C# Delegates today, and understand it step-by-step through real world examples!

Delegates are very useful in C#, but the concept behind delegates might be hard to fully understand, therefore can be confusing for a lot of C# developers.

It is inevitable for a C# developer to notice the scenarios while coding, when the use of a delegate could come in very handy. I will be your guide through your delegate learning path, and make it simple for you to understand through my logically built examples.

This is my first course, which gives an introduction to the C# delegates.

If you follow along, you will understand the delegate related topics much easier: Events, Lambda expressions, LINQ. Anonymous methods, Events, and Lambdas will be also covered in the future sections of this course! 

LINQ can make your C# code more powerful, and simpler, because it gives you an easy and concise way to query objects. But in order to use it, you first need to understand how delegates work.

Why should you take this course instead of watching Youtube videos about delegates?

  • Because this course will give you an in depth introduction to delegates
  • Because one simple example may not be enough for you to recognize the situation for a delegate to be useful in software development
  • Because instead of declaring one simple example, I'll cover logically built, more realistic examples to make the topic simple for you to learn and understand
  • You will learn how Action<T>, and Func<T, TResult> work, which is inevitable to know for writing LINQ queries 

What will you learn in this course?

  • You will learn what a delegate is
  • You will learn how to create and use delegates
  • You will see the difference of direct method invocation and delegate invocation
  • You will see how useful delegates can be through logical examples
  • How to avoid code duplication by using delegates
  • How to invoke multiple methods through delegates
  • How delegate inference can help us to write simpler code
  • How to use Action, Action<T>, Func<T, TResult>

Why should every C# developer be familiar with the concept of delegates?

  • Delegates are extremely critical part of the .NET Framework
  • Might be the solution for a lot of problems when developing a software
  • Using delegates will allow better code reuse to your software
  • Your code can become more flexible and powerful when using C# delegates
  • You will very commonly use delegates, when using events, creating LINQ queries etc.

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