Leading a Team: Coaching Techniques and Team Performance Management


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Understand how to lead a team using coaching to drive performance and to measure results.
Discover the right leadership style for you.

As a team leader, adaptability helps you respond effectively to members of your team and the needs of the business.

This two-week course will arm you with the key practical skills and knowledge that employers consider essential in a team leader.

You’ll examine different leadership techniques and understand how and when to adapt your style to suit different work situations.

Explore coaching models you can implement within your team

You’ll discover how you can develop and support your team using coaching.

Examining different coaching models, you’ll learn how to apply these techniques in your role, helping your team members reach their full potential and making team meetings more productive.

Learn how to effectively monitor team performance

Once you know about the different styles of coaching and leadership, you’ll learn how you can apply these to develop your team’s performance.

You’ll understand how to provide evidence-based feedback to members of your team and how to manage challenging conversations objectively, without conflict.

On the course, you’ll have the chance to engage with a peer group using social learning. This means that you can take part in discussions to share experiences and to provide and receive feedback from your fellow learners to support your progress.

At the end of this course, you’ll have your skills certified by ILM, the UK’s top leadership and management institute.

Once you complete the full Expert Track, you’ll receive an ILM branded digital credential.

Leading a Team: Coaching Techniques and Team Performance Management
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