Jurisprudence: Introduction to the Philosophy of Law


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Kenneth Ehrenberg


Discover the philosophical underpinnings of the law, from making legal arguments to our moral obligation to obey the law.
Study jurisprudence with the experts at the Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy

On this course, you’ll explore the theory and nature of law from a philosophical perspective.

As you get to grips with key arguments and positions in the philosophy of law, you’ll learn how legal arguments are impacted by an understanding of the relation of law to morality.

You’ll be introduced to theories around how the law operates, its relation to economic incentives, and questions about the law’s treatment of contemporary social issues.

Familiarise yourself with legal philosophy

Professionals who must develop arguments for clients can apply jurisprudential thinking when they find themselves representing clients whose issues are legally uncertain.

This course will develop your understanding of how to use the philosophy of law to support the formation of legal arguments when the law runs out.

Study the philosophical and legal theory behind the law

When the legal authorities supporting a specific point are exhausted, a firm grasp of the theory behind law can help practitioners argue their points from a more basic perspective.

Under the guidance of academics at the University of Surrey School of Law, you’ll be encouraged to develop your own conclusions about whether law is dependent upon morality.

Study with fellows at the largest research centre for legal philosophy in the world

This course is created and led by academics with extensive experience teaching and writing on jurisprudence from the renowned Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy (SCLP).

You’ll gain expert insights from Professor of Legal Philosophy, Dennis Patterson; Professor in Moral and Political Philosophy, Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco; Senior Lecturer, Christopher Taggart, and SCLP Co-Directors, Dr Kenneth Ehrenberg, Reader in Public Law and Legal Theory, and Dr Hrafn Asgeirsson, Reader in Philosophy and Law.

Jurisprudence: Introduction to the Philosophy of Law
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