Jumpstart with NodeJs Streams


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Paid course
2 hours
26 lessons
Available on completion
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Anto Aravinth
  • Understand how streams works
  • Low level details of NodeJs
  • Handling backpressure in streams
  • How pipe, pause, resume API works


Understand the low level details of Streams today.

Streams are very important concept in Node world. Did you know our file system, HTTP server that you build in node is all built on top of streams? Understanding streams is very important to become an NodeJs Ninja! There are several types of Streams and mostly every course misses this important concept. For example, how do we build a website like youtube that **streams** the video? How the buffering happens? Well the answer to that question is by using Streams.

This course gives you a solid understanding of how streams are working under the hood and at the same time, how one should use them too. The different types of streams will be explained. The following items would be covered:

1. Streams , why its required

2. Different types of Streams

3. Backpressure in Streams.

4. How to use pipe, pause, resume API

5. Understanding how internally Streams works!

The course will teach you streams by running different small example. So sign up today and get your Node.js skills to the next level.

Few reviews of this course:

"Good course. Helps on understanding streams. Examples were also simple and clear. handling of back pressure was really good. I recommend for even experienced node ppl who doesnt have knowledge on this. Atlast wish could have added more examples."

"Good introduction on streams. I guess none of the course here on udemy touches on this! Thanks for the course. Really needed for node beginner !"

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