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Paid course
All Levels
2 hours
43 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Reed Barger
  • Discover many practical tricks and techniques for working with all JavaScript data types (objects, arrays, functions, strings, etc.)
  • Write code with native JavaScript features instead of relying on third-party libraries (i.e. Lodash, Underscore)
  • Have a stronger fundamental understanding of the JavaScript language and how to apply it to your projects
  • Learn to create your own innovative solutions to JavaScript problems with the help of the concepts that we'll cover in this course
  • Acquire a powerful set of JavaScript functions and patterns that you can apply to supercharge your own projects


Level up your JavaScript skills by learning powerful techniques to solve practical, real-world problems

Are you looking for the techniques to become a first-class JavaScript developer? This is the course for you!

These lectures cover the JavaScript techniques that other courses leave out.

Throughout these lessons, we'll learn by doing. We won't waste time on theory or extended explanations; we'll dive straight into the code and I'll show you the tricks to shortcut and supercharge your JavaScript development. 

In this course, we'll learn through solving practical, real-world problems using the best JavaScript features. And in every step, when we solve a problem, we'll abstract our solution to give you powerful functions and patterns that you can use in your own projects. I'll show you multiple ways to solve the same problem, to give you the resources that will help you find the techniques that are right for you.

We'll cover tricks and techniques in all aspects of the language—objects, arrays, functions, strings, numbers, you name it! We'll work a great deal with ES6 features that will allow you to get the job done with less code.

The 50+ plus tricks that are included in this course will make you an overall better, more productive and resourceful JavaScript developer.

This course will be your practical guide to become a better all-around JavaScript programmer by showing you how to get things done and do what you want with your code.

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