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Paid course
9 hours
49 lessons
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Laurence Svekis
  • learn how to use JSON
  • learn how to make AJAX calls in JavaScript
  • Access JSON data files and use the content within JavaScript
  • Use files to create JavaScript objects on the fly


Learn about JavaScript Object Notation and how to utilize it in JavaScript as object data

Explore JSON and how you can use JSON data from an API to update your page contents.

JSON is short for JavaScript Object Notation which is the most commonly used data standard format for transferring of data.  Its human readable which makes it easy to read.   Its used across all modern programming language.   Because its based off JavaScript Objects understanding of how to get content from JavaScript object and arrays is essential in being able to better make use of data with JSON.

JSON object can hold a lot of data, in a nest format which can contain objects that can be many levels deep, and arrays that might hold many items.   

AJAX is a set of technologies used to connect to server data, and update page contents without page refresh.  AJAX is now commonly used to get JSON data and provides an excellent way for web developers to create content rich interactive features for web pages.  JavaScript can be used to create page elements, update and manipulate page elements on the fly. 

Together JSON AJAX and JavaScript is a powerful set of technologies that can be used to create amazing web experiences.

Includes a bonus 50 page ebook guide - loaded with source code and resources to help you learn.

Explore how AJAX JSON and JavaScript can be applied

  • JavaScript Objects

  • JavaScript Arrays

  • Updating Objects and Arrays

  • Loop through the data

  • The JavaScript JSON Object

  • JSON files and Contents with JavaScript

  • Async and Await and Promises

  • AJAX and JSON in JavaScript

  • Output JSON data into the web page

  • JSON data from API source using AJAX

  • GitHub API AJAX

  • Stackoverflow API connection example

JavaScript is the most in demand programming language on the web today.

Learning how to implement AJAX and use data like JSON formatted data can accelerate the amazing things that JavaScript can do within your web code.

JSON -  JavaScript Object Notation is an open standard technology that is used to transmit data in a human readable format.   JSON is language independent.  It provides a powerful way to move data back and forth.  Learning to use JSON data in JavaScript can open the door to really powerful data handling within your applications.

AJAX - asynchronous JavaScript and XML allows you to send and receive data from other files without page refreshing.  You can display data and information in response to the User interactions within your webpages.  Dynamic content loading without page refreshes.

This course is designed to help you learn how to use these two amazing technologies together.   Source files and all the code used within the course is included.  Step by Step instruction with examples of how to use JSON formatted data.  Turn JSON data into JavaScript objects and use them as needed within your code.  Load data the easy way.  AJAX allows you to take this data import one step further and load data on the fly within your JavaScript.   Course will demonstrate how to do this and a whole lot more.   As a bonus the course also covers how to send data to the server.

JSON and AJAX are in demand skills and knowing how to use them will increase what you can do within your web pages.

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