JavaScript for complete beginners with practical exercises


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Paid course
3 hours
44 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Navjot Singh
  • make a professional dynamic quiz website.
  • Create beautiful real-world apps without being bored.
  • Learn various topics using the live in browser editor with side by side preview so you might not even need to install a code editor !
  • Practice your skills using with specially designed quiz.
  • Get lifetime access to my HD quality videos and Support. No monthly subscription. Learn at your own pace, whenever you want.
  • Learn How to write clean code which is easily readable and writable.
  • Check your JavaScript knowledge with coding exercises. exercise codes with some errors will be given to the students to fix.


Build the real world JavaScript projects from scratch.

This JavaScript course has been specifically created for  beginners who required detailed information about basics and have no prior programming knowledge. step by step explanation and external sources will also be provided along with quiz and  in fact students will design a quiz in an exercise. source codes of each and every video will be provided. students will also learn about responsive design and dynamic features of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. although it is specially designed for beginners but anyone can give it a try to boost the knowledge of JavaScript. 

  • If you are the one who has finished Learning HTML and CSS basics then this course is perfect for you.No prior programming experience required .

After every video a link will be provided with comprehensive explanation and source code for those students who had difficulty understanding the lecture. you will also get a live code editor filled with the code used in video so you can modify and try that code in browser !

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