JavaScript For Absolute Beginners - Level One

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  • Quickly read and understand JavaScript code
  • Be fluent on all the major areas of JavaScript
  • Know how to debug and test JavaScript applications


JavaScript from scratch with professional developer by analyzing code examples

In this tutorial we are going to learn one of the most popular programming languages in the wold - JavaScript!

First of all we'll start learning JavaScript from the basics. We'll discuss JavaScript language itself in a very detailed way.

We'll start from reviewing JavaScript Values, Types and Operators. 

We'll cover Numbers, Strings, Boolean values and Undefined values.

We'll then get down to the understanding of JavaScript applications structure and will cover expressions, statements, comments, "while" and "for" loops and many other items related to JavaScript application structure.

After that we'll learn JavaScript functions to give you a fundamental understanding of declaring and using the functions in your future applications.

In this tutorial we'll also analyze JavaScript Data Structures, Objects and Arrays. You'll have a deep understanding of Objects, Properties, Arrays and Methods.

And of course we'll cover Regular Expressions, since this is a very important part of JavaScript.

Once we cover all these areas, we'll get down and discuss testing and handling errors in JavaScript applications. This part will give you a good understanding of testing, debugging and exceptions in your applications.

Once again, in this course we'll learn JavaScript from from the very beginning and will analyze and explain a number of code examples.

So you'll have a great idea about most common and major JavaScript areas in just a few hours!

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