JavaScript Essentials: Things you must learn as a developer


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Paid course
5 hours
67 lessons
Available on completion
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Enayet Chowdhury
  • Learn JavaScript fundamental principles that every professional Web Developer understands very well.
  • Go from complete beginner to advanced JavaScript developer.
  • Understand how to make a web application interactive using JavaScript and browser's DOM API.
  • Become smart in handling errors in your code using industry standard developer tools.
  • Learn how to stay away from common mistakes that other JavaScript programmers make.
  • Understand JavaScript best practices of writing industry standard code.
  • Learn advanced concepts such as Scope, Closure, Hoisting, OOP, Built-in Objects, etc.
  • Become confident to learn more advanced JavaScript concepts such as framework and libraries like React, Angular, Vue, etc.


Master JavaScript essential concepts for web development. It is truly the JavaScript for beginners.

The complete brand new step-by-step JavaScript beginner course in Udemy! This course is specially designed for you if you are new to Web Design or Web Development.

Hi! Welcome to JavaScript Essentials. If you are new to Web Development, or more specifically, to JavaScript, and if your goal is to become a professional Web Developer, you must begin your journey by understanding essential concepts of JavaScript programming. JavaScript is the language of the web, mobile, and devices everywhere. This language is going to stay around for long time. This is why it is worth learning this language well. As a beginner, everything that you must learn is covered very intuitive way in this course.

The structure and presentation have made this course very unique in Udemy. Course materials are designed in step-by-step, one-at-a-time approach. I did not bring up any topic or concept in the course without prior explanation about it. Every concept of JavaScript in this course is backed by detail and to-the-point lecture sessions followed by practical exercise sessions and quizzes. Lecture sessions will help you learn the technical theories behind each concept. Practical exercise sessions will help you learn by doing. Quizzes will help you evaluating your learning instantly. Finally towards the end of the course, you will have a series of coding challenges to take your JavaScript skill to the next level where you can start learning advanced JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, and so on.

Finally, I want you succeed in your pursuit to become a professional web developer. This course has everything you need to get you started. Moreover, I am here to help if you run into problems or questions. Please feel free to ask questions in the Q&A section.     

This course is optimized for mobile devices. So, you can carry on with your learning while on the go. Besides, it is enabled with English subtitles. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and take your JavaScript skills to a new height. 

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