JavaScript Developer Bootcamp in 2021 - Beginner to Expert


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Paid course
All Levels
64 hours
356 lessons
Available on completion
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Muslim Helalee
  • You will learn JavaScript from scratch
  • You will master all the new features of JavaScript
  • You will master JavaScript Array Literal Data Structure
  • You will master JavaScript Object Literal Data Structure
  • You will master JavaScript Loops
  • You will master JavaScript Functions
  • You will master JavaScript DOM
  • You will master JavaScript Regular Expressions
  • You will master advanced JavaScript Data Structures
  • You will master JavaScript Object Oriented Programming
  • You will master JavaScript Asynchronous Programming
  • You will master Game Development with JavaScript
  • You will learn AI Algorithm Development with JavaScript


Master Modern JavaScript by Building 50 Projects: Web Dev, Object Oriented & Asynchronous Programming, Game & AI Dev

Welcome to the most comprehensive JavaScript course EVER. This course offers a fresh perspective on one of the most popular programming languages of all time, JavaScript. In this course, I will walk you through the basics first. We will cover all the Data Structures of JavaScript in depth. Then, we will cover JavaScript Loops, Functions and the DOM. There are 100+ examples in this course and all of these examples have been strategically created to make sure you get the most out of this course.

There are 50 real world projects in this course. The projects will start from a beginner level and will go to an expert level. The first 27 projects cover beginner to intermediate skill levels and we will create amazing applications.

The Second Part of this course focuses more on the advanced part of JavaScript. Firstly, we will cover Regular Expressions and Advanced JavaScript Data Structures. Then, we will cover how JavaScript works extensively and exhaustively. I will teach you Scope, Hoisting and Closure. I will also teach you Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Asynchronous Programming.

At this point in course, we will have 2 projects for Regular Expressions. Afterwards, we are going to create 1 large application using the OOP paradigm.

Then, we will have 8 projects for Asynchronous Programming for the Fetch API and the Async Await plus 1 project for the Web Speech API.

The Third Part of this course focuses on Game & AI development with JavaScript. I will introduce you to the HTML5 Canvas Element. I will also use OOP paradigm.

Firstly, we will create 4 projects, beginner to intermediate level, to master collision detection + OOP in game development.

Finally, we will create 7 games and we will code 3 complete AI Algorithms throughout these 7 projects.

So, without further ado, let's dive into this course and master JavaScript once and for all.

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