Javascript Debugging Crash Course


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Course overview

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Paid course
3 hours
21 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Stone River eLearning
  • Learn to Debug JavaScript quickly and effectively!
  • Learn to leverage Chrome's Dev Tools for fast debugging
  • Understand how to write debug-able code
  • Use Source Maps to debug pre-processed JavaScript
  • Learn proper debugging protocols
  • Understand Breakpoints and all of their different types
  • Learn to use the Debugger Console to make debugging a breeze!
  • Discover how performance analysis can eliminate potential bugs
  • Use Logging as an automated source of Debugging information
  • Learn how to access application state with the Console
  • Deliver bug free JavaScript code all day long! ... and much, much more!


Debug JavaScript quickly and effectively!

Any IT professional or casual developer anticipating a solid understanding of how debugging is performed in open-sourced and private JavaScript application development projects needs to go through this course and absorb all of its content. Anyone desiring to learn how debugging is applied in web application projects needs the knowldege, demonstrations, and practice presented in this course.  This not only includes web, mobile, and service application developers, but also architects, UI designers, testers, and administrators. This course provides a solid basic understanding of how to effectively debug standard JavaScript code and teaches the student to work with a leading set of debugging tools and utilities. 

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