Java9 New Features - Learn by coding it


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Paid course
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6 hours
56 lessons
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Arun Ammasai
  • You will get better understanding about JAVA9
  • Able to start coding once completed this course
  • Java Shell - Learn about jShell
  • Java 9 Platform Module System (JPMS)
  • Stream API Enhancement in Java9
  • Interface changes in Java9
  • Factory Methods in Java9
  • Try with Resources
  • Diamond Operator
  • Usage of SafeVarArgs
  • Process API changes in Java9
  • Http2 Client Enhancement


Understand the new features in Java 9

You will get better understanding about new features introduced in Java9 and new enhancement to existing concepts.

The following topics discussed in detail. Java 7 and 8 features also explained based on requirement.

Hence students not familiar with old versions will be able to understand the new changes.

Topics : -

  • Private Methods in Interfaces

  • Diamond Operator Enhancements

  • Try With Resources Enhancements

  • SafeVarargs Annotation Enhancements

  • Factory Methods for Creating unmodifiable Collections

  • Stream API Enhancements

  • The Java Shell(RPEL)

  • The Java Platform Module System(JPMS)


  • Process API Updates

  • HTTP/2 Client

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