Java Programming | Absolute Beginners


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Paid course
5 hours
57 lessons
Available on completion
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Lum Dalipi
  • Learn Java Quickly and Simply
  • Learn Java through Video Lectures and Quizzes
  • Be familiar with the basic building blocks of a Java program.
  • Learn the concepts and the logic of computer programming with Java.
  • Understand the concept of DataTypes
  • Learn variables
  • Use programming operators easily
  • Learn the basics of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Understand constructors
  • Understand how to use methods and object
  • Learn how to use inheritance and see what a subclass and a super class mean
  • See how to use loops in programming and understand their purpose
  • Learn what Packages are and how they ease programming
  • Take your first major step to learning a new skill!
  • Gain knowledge to be able to Build Websites and Apps


Learn the first steps of becoming a computer programmer starting with the most used computer language, JAVA!


If you're a complete beginner this is the right course for you.

  •  Learn the language you need to create Websites, Android applications or even program Robots.

  •  Start today and learn the most required skill of the 21st Century.

  •  Be above the top-tier individuals and why not start a future career in Computer Programming.

Are you struggling with your computer programming courses at school? Do you want to practice a new skill and start programming? -- Then you are in the right place!

Be among the happy people with happy jobs! - Computer programming is one of the most required skills of Today's World. Learning a new computer language is same as learning a new regular language. Start working from home and help yourself not suffer for a job anymore...Earn that freedom you always wanted by learning the language of the future!

This course will help you learn Java Programming without using extraordinary computer terms and making it very easily understandable for you. There are numerous different lecture in video format that will help you understand Java very fast and easily. No prior programming experience is required, it's the perfect course for newbies in Java programming language, making it possible for YOU to ask the INSTRUCTOR any question you are insecure about and receive a response within a few hours or a day maximum.

This is the course you've been waiting for! - Throughout this course you will be able to:

  • Learn Java programming from the very beginning while understanding: Data Types, Variables, Loops, Operators and way more than that. You will also take your first steps in Object-Oriented Programming with Java. 

  • Learn Object-Oriented Programming by creating a clear insight of Constructors, Objects, Methods, Arrays, Inheritance and Packages!

  • Using and understanding the meaning and the role of Java Reserved words is necessary while programming. This course will help you understand the meaning and the role of keywords used such as: public, protected, private, import, extend and others.

  • Learn how to use "packages" in Java and understand the importance and how it facilitates the coding when using packages.

  • Learn about Libraries. Understand how to use them and their significance in programming.

  • Learn Java in easy steps and logically so you will never forget it! - Learn Java Programming in just a few hours.

  • You can take a look at the curriculum and watch a free preview video lecture.

Enjoy it! I firmly believe you will be more than satisfied.

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