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  • Complete Java in Form of Interview Questions and Answers
  • 1000+ Java Interview Questions covered
  • Complex Java Concepts in form of Questions you should ask yourself


Covering Generics, Collections, MultiThreading, Design Patterns, OOPs, Functional Programming, OOAD, ENUM and much more

Here we present our brand new course with a new learning objective.

Java Interview Questions Boot Camp Master Class where we are covering a lot of Java topics; on

Generics, Collections, MultiThreading, Design Patterns, OOPs, Functional Programming, OOAD and much more all in form of Interview Questions and answers.

1000+ java Questions

In this course we have explained java concepts in form of 1000+ java Questions

First of all you might be asking your self a Query important Question - why you should take this course?

Before this let me clearly state that

This course is not for complete Java Beginner. You should have some knowledge about Java like writing few programs and running them.

Also, Please Note that; We have Attached few full length lectures from our other best selling course. Where we felt that we should explain the concept in great detail.

Now let's see why you should take this course. There are multiple reasons for that


To remember complex java concepts a programmer should keep on asking questions to himself so that it becomes easy to memorize the stuff for a long period.Our memory works better when we ask questions around a concept..


You can take this course if you are interested in a particular topic like Collection, Multi-threading or Design patterns and questions around these topics

This course is arranged and designed in a way that

You can also skip the sections you think you have expertise on and if you want to take any particular section of your interest for example you want to check multi threading interview questions only. Its totally up to you.

You have lifetime access to this course. You can come and learn whenever you want.


Because this is a very enhanced course where we are trying to explain possibly every Java Concept in form of Question and Answer with help of a lot a coding and practice

This course covers questions for Every level of java developers but mostly Beginners and Intermediate

We will Cover the topics.

1. Language Fundamentals ✔️

2. Operators & Assignments ✔️

3. Flow-Control.   ✔️

4. Declarations and Access Modifiers ✔️

5. OOPs(Object Oriented Programming)

6. Inner classes  ✔️

7. ENUM ✔️

8. JVM Architecture, Garbage Collection ✔️

9. File I/O NIO ✔️

10. Serialization and Deserialization✔️

11. Collections✔️

12. Generics ✔️

13. Concurrent Collections

14. Multi Threading And Advanced Multithreading ✔️

15.  java lang package ✔️

16. Exception Handling ✔️

18. functional programming in java using lambda and streams✔️

19. Design Principles✔️

20. Design Patterns✔️

And Last but not least

We will keep updating this course by adding more questions. You also can suggest us any question you think should get covered.We will definitely add that in upcoming upgrade.

Hope this clear all your doubts and set the expectations right.

Happy Learning


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