IPFS and Decentralised Networking


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Vinay Phadnis
  • Understand the benefits of using IPFS for decentralised data storage
  • Build Decentralised Dropbox clone using IPFS-js
  • Understand the working of IPFS
  • Understand the Merkle Dag architecture used in git and IPFS
  • Understand basic commands of IPFS
  • Be able to host a website on IPFS
  • Understand the limitations of HTTP protocol
  • Understand the concept of Hash of a file


Understand basics of IPFS - InterPlanetary File System. Build a website on IPFS and create decentralised DropBox clone

Decentralisation. Freedom of Expression, Infinite accessibility are some of the key points building the new generation of the internet called the Web 3.0 This course covers the essential information required for you to add IPFS in your skillset.

This course is divided into 3 sections:

  • Building the foundation: This section covers all the required theory in this course. The advantages and challenges of the HTTP protocol followed by the basics of what a protocol actually is also covering the fundamentals of the IPFS protocol. Some additional topics like Hash of a file and the Merkel DAG architecture are also explained

  • Decentralised Dropbox clone (unbox): In this section, we will create a full stacked web app which will use IPFS to create a platform for file sharing within connected nodes

  • Installation and Basic set-up: This section covers the process of installing IPFS on your computer followed by the basic but integral commands about IPFS. 

  • Website Hosting Project: In this section, we will build a simple HTML CSS JavaScript website from scratch and then use the decentralised architecture provided by IPFS to host the website on the network. The IPNS system of naming projects is also covered

  • IPFS-JS: In this section, the basics of the javascript implementation of IPFS will be covered which will enable us to use IPFS is web apps.

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IPFS and Decentralised Networking
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