iOS / OSX Game Development - From Start to Store in Swift


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Paid course
11 hours
99 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Neil North
  • Use Xcode to create apps
  • Understand and read Swift code
  • Build games using the SpriteKit framework
  • Upload apps to the app store
  • Understand the science of game design


Learn to create amazing games from scratch in minimal time by properly understanding the SpriteKit framework and Swift.

Learn how to make amazing games with SpriteKit and GameplayKit using the modern Swift 2.x language. See the entire process from starting a new project, through building the app to publishing on the AppStore and even marketing it!

You will be provided with the full source code built to current Swift standards in best coding practices which you can use to produce as many apps as you wish. This will include a template to help save you hours developing your games.

The template and game source code is worth hundreds of dollars on its own, and it is yours just for owning this course.


  • Understand the key functions of SpriteKit via informative animated videos.
  • See real code examples in Xcode of these key SpriteKit functions in Swift.
  • Gain a basic understanding of game architecture and design patterns.


  • My 10 step process of game development from initial design to submitting to the AppStore.
  • Step by step, create a full game from scratch using great design strategy (Most courses only show you how to make small unscalable apps, not this one!).
  • How to research the competition.
  • How to set up a marketing plan that will actually bring in customers with some basic keyword ASO (App Store Optimisation).
  • Benefit from my 5 years developing for the AppStore, learn in hours what took me years.

Course Updated: 14/04/2015 - Swift Version 1.2

UpdateCourse Updated: 30/03/2015 - Lighting Videos AddedCourse Update

Course Updated: Swift 2.0, GameplayKit (90% of the course rewritten for maximum quality!) includes tvOS compatibility.

Are you sick of doing course that take forever because the instructor is chatty or unprepared?

Are you sick of people teaching you coding techniques which work for small games but aren't scalable to something you can actually be proud of?

I'm passionate about great coding practices and making great products. If you are sick of amateurs wasting your time and would like to make great games, then please check out this course.

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