Introduction to Fashion Draping: Create Custom Womenswear

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Reagen Evans

For designer Reagen Evans, fashion is about more than just making clothes to sell–it’s about creating each piece with a unique person in mind, and draping is an essential part of his method. He founded his own couture fashion house at just 22 years old and has dressed clients including The Duchess of Rutland.

In this course, Reagen teaches you the ins and outs of draping your clothing designs and how to transfer them into paper patterns. Learn to design and construct your own garment from scratch; starting with the outer layer before moving on to the lining and fastenings Are you ready to create clothes people can’t wait to wear?


Learn how to design and construct unique items of clothing from start to finish using the draping method

Begin the course by getting to know fashion designer Reagen Evans. He shares the creative journey that led him to start his own couture fashion house Bewde, along with the influences that inspire him. Discover what you can expect from the course.

Take a look at the tools and equipment needed, from fabric scissors to a sewing machine. Then learn how to choose the right fabric for your garment. Explore how to position your fabric on a mannequin to begin visualizing your design, and see how to snip it so it lays flat against the body.

Time to start the draping process. Begin by pinning the basic shape, before creating seams and other design details. Then, learn how to annotate your fabric to highlight the key components of your design. See how to take down your pinned and annotated draping from the mannequin, before transferring it into a paper pattern. Prepare and cut your final fabric, then sew your final designs, taking care to align your seams.

Discover how to plot and attach fastenings to your garment by hand. Then add a belt or trim to hide them. To finish the course, Reagen guides you through how to plot the linings and facings of your piece for a professional finish.

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