Introduction to Docker and the DCA Certification


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Paid course
5 hours
87 lessons
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Loony Corn
  • Improve their odds of passing the Docker Certified Associate exam
  • Understand how to package applications into portable and scalable containers
  • Deploy and scale applications in a cluster using Docker Swarm
  • Master the important aspects of Docker - Images, Volumes, Repos and Networks


A comprehensive introduction to Docker with a heavy focus on labs

Docker is a tool which has greatly simplified the task of packaging your application, along with all its dependencies into lightweight, portable units called containers. These containers are platform independent and can be executed on any host which runs a Linux kernel. 

Docker is one of the hottest tools in the market right now as a lot of teams have learned how to use it to break up their large, monolithic applications into smaller and more manageable units - often called microservices. This has allowed development teams to work on microservices independently and package it into a container once it is ready. 

Docker has also eased the pain of DevOps teams who often need to manage the deployment processes and environments - since containers can run independently of each other, they can simply focus on deploying containers rather than worrying about dependencies for each application. 

Container orchestration tools such as Docker Swarm and Kubernetes have made it very easy to deploy microservices to a cluster and scale them according to demand. 

For these reasons, Docker is a technology which you need to know if you're an app developer or DevOps engineer.

This course introduces you to all the main concepts of Docker, and focuses on getting you up and running with the tool in all the lab sections. The main topics of this course include:

Images: Templates to define your container

Containers: What they are and how Docker helps you create them

Storage: Volumes, Bind Mounts and tmpfs to manage data in containers

Networks: Regulate connectivity to your containers whether on individual hosts or in a cluster

Docker Swarm: The built-in container orchestration tool

Docker EE, UCP and DTR: The enterprise offerings of Docker

Hope you enjoy the course!

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