HTML5 Game Development : Beginner to Pro


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
6 hours
60 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Nicholas Lever
  • Create stunning games that will run in most modern browsers, desktop and mobile.
  • Understand how to approach a complex interactive game for a client.
  • Understand how to approach multi-player games using web sockets.
  • How to add the bells and whistles to your game that make it stand out in the market


Learn to use the HTML5 Canvas to create HTML5 games that will run in all modern desktop and mobile browsers.

HTML5 Games run on just about all devices. Learn how to create them from someone who has spent the last 20 years creating casual games. All HTML5 games are based around a knowledge of displaying content on a Canvas using JavaScript. We use the latest JavaScript version, ES6, so as well as learning game development you will also learn the latest JavaScript syntax. In this course we start with the basics of individual images on a Canvas. From there we move onto sprites - developing step by step a sprite library that you are free to use in your own games. The library allows you to display frame animated sprites that show a flip book of images to display walking and running characters and much more. 

You will learn: 

  • About physics to easily add dynamic collision detection to your games.

  • How to create platform games, puzzle and card games.

  • How to add multiple layers of audio.

  • How to add a preloader to your games.

  • How to add the bells and whistles that make your game stand out.

  • How to handle multiple users via WebSockets. 

All code is free to use in your own games. The course contains lots of assets and code examples that you are free to use in your own games. As a course student you also have access to an online tool for creating spritesheets and animations. 

Having completed this course you will be ready to develop any 2d game. Only a basic knowledge of HTML and Javascript are assumed, all ideas are explained with examples you can try and resources you can use in your own games. 

Take a look at the trailer to see the kind of content that you will be building once you've studied the course. HTML5 Game Development is great fun to learn and the skills you learn in this course will greatly improve your JavaScript skills which will be useful in your Web Development career.

Student reviews

  • “Great Course!!! I am learning so much. Nicholas is very good at presenting a concept explaining it and then implementing it into code all the while, allowing me the student to code along addressing any nuances that may be there. He is also very responsive to any questions. I know that enrolling into this course was a great decision and I already have the confidence to begin planning and developing my first game”

  • "If you're looking for the stepping stones to becoming a Game Developer with HTML5, this is the best starting stone you could possibly find. Love this course!!"

  • "This is the first game development course I have been through where I really feel like I am being taught by an absolute expert/professional in the field."

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