HTML5, CSS3 And JavaScript Fundamentals 2016


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7 lessons
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IT Solutions
  • Create modern websites using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaSript
  • Understand JavaScript code
  • Add styling to any website using CSS
  • Write clean, modular and robust code for web applications


Learning HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript from scratch with professional developer

In this tutorial we’re going to learn from scratch 3 most popular items in front end web development - HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

These three items allow you to break into the industry as a front-end web developer. 

The very first topic we're going to learn is what is HTML5. The point is after taking this course you from the complete beginner you'll be able to use HTML5 to create a modern websites.

We will also cover all the different attributes and elements associated with HTML and in fact many other items related to HTML 5 so that you can advance your skills when you create modern webpages.

We will then get down and will explain how to use CSS to style your web pages and create a number graphic and interactive features in your web applications.

And of course we will cover JavaScript so that upon completion of this course you'll be able to use JavaScript to create interactivity and dynamic elements in your web applications. 
Using JavaScript you'll be able to change things on the page, depending on user activities there. That means that you'll be able to make your websites interactive!

In fact we're going to learn from scratch a number of different aspects of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. 

Again guys, these three items allow you to break into the industry as front-end web developer. 

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