HTML5 canvas Bootcamp for beginners 25 easy steps


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
3 hours
34 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Laurence Svekis
  • create amazing drawing on canvas
  • create a dynamic image on a webpage
  • use JavaScript to draw on canvas


Basic introduction to about how to use canvas element on your webpage JavaScript dynamic image generation

Do you want to learn about HTML5 canvas and get drawing on your web pages quickly?

This is a crash course on how to use HTML5 canvas, taught by an instructor with over 15 years web development experience 

Topics covered include

  • Introduction to what canvas is and how to use it
  • Basics of lines and strokes
  • moving paths and pixel locations
  • using images within canvas
  • adding text
  • cool effects - shadows and more
  • transformations
  • working with dynamic content looping
  • color formats along with how to apply gradients
  • showing you how to render your canvas content to and image

Canvas consists of a draw-able region defined in HTML code with height and width attributes. JavaScript code may access the area through a full set of drawing functions, allowing for dynamically generated graphics.

Some common uses of canvas include building graphs, animations, games, and image composition.

This course includes everything you need to build a solid foundation to create amazing content using canvas on your web pages.

Let begin learning HTML5 canvas.

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