HTML/CSS Bootcamp - Learn HTML, CSS, Flexbox, and CSS Grid


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
21 hours
150 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Jordan Hudgens
  • Build websites using HTML and CSS
  • Use Flexbox to easily align content on the page
  • Work with CSS Grid to build a website's layout
  • Create responsive websites that render custom layouts for smartphones, tablets and desktops
  • Work with images
  • Integrate custom fonts
  • Using CSS based animations
  • Build real world projects
  • Create HTML forms for getting user input


Learn HTML, CSS, Flexbox, and CSS Grid by building a professional website with modern front end development techniques.

Update April 2021: Added a guide showing how to create a custom cursor in HTML/CSS. Also added a one hour live coding workshop that teaches how to build out tooltips on a website.

Hi and welcome to the HTML/CSS Bootcamp course, where we'll walk through the same course I teach code bootcamp students around the world. My name is Jordan Hudgens, and I'll be your instructor for the course. In addition to being the lead instructor for devCamp I've also been building web applications for over a decade for organizations such as Eventbrite and Quip.

In this course, you're going to learn all of the key skills that you're going to need in order to start building out professional websites. Before building this new course out, I interviewed hiring managers at companies around the world and asked them what HTML/CSS skills they expected developers to know and that's how I came up with the list of concepts that you're going to learn.

Some of the skills that you're going to learn are going to be:

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Flexbox

  • CSS Grid

  • Animations

  • Media queries for building responsive layouts from scratch

  • CSS Selectors

  • Navigation

  • Fonts

  • Forms

  • How to integrate and style images

  • Front end development best practices

  • And much more!

As we go through the course material, you'll notice that I'm going to teach you my own process that I use whenever I'm building out a website.

My goal for this entire course isn't just to teach you how to build a single website, but instead my goal is to be able to leverage this project build that we're going to put together, teach you the fundamentals as we implement every single feature, and then by the end of it, you're not just going to be able to build the single website and follow along with what I do, but you'll be able to build any type of website.

There are no technical prerequisites for going through this course. This is the perfect course to go through if you want to learn how to build websites completely from scratch.

The ideal student is someone who is dedicated, wants to learn, and also wants to learn how to build websites using the most modern and up to date technologies. So, thank you for spending the time and going through this material, and good luck with the coding.

HTML/CSS Bootcamp - Learn HTML, CSS, Flexbox, and CSS Grid
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