How to Think like a Programmer with Python


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
14 hours
148 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Tahir Abbas
  • Analyze, design, and solve real world problems in Python
  • Develop problem solving skills that will help you to solve programming problems with less effort
  • Understand basic procedural programming skills
  • Understand basic Object Orientation Skills


Make your life easy by understanding hundreds of programming problems with easy explanation

Target Audience:

I have designed this course for students who fall under following categories;

  • If you are a brand new student at university or college level and qualifying a programming language is your degree requirement.
  • If you have not learned any programming language before (and think that it is the language of Alien)
  • If You feel it very difficult (and it makes your eyes rainy at nights)
  • If you have already taken online courses and think that material was too basic or didn't contain sufficient explanation or supplementary material
  • If you are passionate technology explorer and wants to know what programming languages are?

If you fall under any category above then then you have clicked the right course!!!

My Approach of Teaching

  • First we learn how to understand basic programming problem and break it in to concrete steps (input/processing/output/iterations etc.)
  • Then we learn how to convert those steps to algorithm/Flowcharts
  • Then, we convert those steps in to python instructions.
  • Easy and step by step explanation. Please see my preview lectures to judge the "Quality"
  • PLUS

    • 24/7 support for students. You can query about any problem related to topics covered in the course.

    Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite of this course. Anyone who can use computer can learn programming

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