How To Create A Professional Website Without Coding


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  • How to create professional websites using Oxygen website builder
  • How to create websites for companies
  • How to create blogs
  • How to create portfolio websites
  • How to create responsive websites


Learn how to build any kind of website using Oxygen Builder

Have you been trying to learn how to develop websites? Or maybe you are a designer who would like to offer web dev services to your clients?

You know, designing is one thing, but turning that design into a real website is another. A more complex one I must say.

And for many, this may look like some sort of witchcraft. When they think of developing websites they get intimidated and just quit.

Luckily, this really doesn’t have to be the case. Nowadays creating custom, professional websites is easier than ever before.

So is this course just about that?

Let me tell you fist what this course is not:

  • It is definitely not another Wordpress course. If you are a total Wordpress noob, I advise you to first learn the basics and then get back to this course.

  • Wordpress is going to be an environment in which we’ll be working, but we won’t be focusing on it at all

You will learn how to build any kind of website using Oxygen Builder.

It is a site builder, which means it allows you to design, develop and control ANY aspect of a website: headers, footers, menus, blogs, sliders… you name it.

What’s distinct about it is that it gives you total control over the development part: it’s really hard to imagine a design that could not be developed with Oxygen.

And the vast majority of the designs can be turned into websites without even touching the code – you can use the tools provided and not write a single line of code.

Sure, if you need something more complex, you can add extra code – Oxygen gives you total freedom.

At first it may seem intimidating, but after a few minutes, especially if you are familiar with any design tool, everything will start to make sense. And of course, I am here to guide you so… fear not!

Once we’ve installed Oxygen, we will start developing a site and along the way we you will learn various tools and aspects of the plugin:

We will

  • build headers (including sticky headers), footers and menus

  • add sliders, including full width background sliders

  • add galleries, icons, videos and portfolios

  • make everything nicely responsive

To finish the course, we will actually grab a ready-made design and recreate it using Oxygen. We will go from the header, through main sections with images, icons and transitions, all the way to an extended footer.

If you’ve been looking for a course to teach you how to develop professional, custom websites and that would do it straight to the point, you are in the right place.

Enroll now and see you inside!

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