Hands on With Docker & Docker Compose From a Docker Captain


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
5 hours
51 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Nick Janetakis
  • Understand what Docker is and isn't
  • Install Docker on MacOS, Windows & Linux
  • Understand Docker's ecosystem
  • Master Docker's core features
  • Master Docker Compose's core features
  • Build, run and push your own custom Docker images
  • Manage real world web applications with Docker
  • Skills to "Dockerize" your own web applications no matter what framework you use


v19.03. Everything you need to build, run and compose Docker containers so you can start using Docker for your web apps.

Learn the Docker Fundamentals and Then Dockerize Your Own Web Apps

This course is meant for anyone looking to improve the way they build and distribute applications. You could be a web developer, sysadmin, operations manager, or someone who is part of an IT / testing / QA team.

  • Developers use Docker to set up and run applications without the headache of having to install everything manually
  • Operators use Docker to distribute applications across environments consistently and optimize server resources
  • QA teams use Docker to quickly build test environments without having to deal with "but it works for me!" problems

By the time you finish this course you'll know everything you need to start using Docker / Docker Compose on your own projects.

This course was flawless in explaining every segment in detail while keeping it easy to follow along and learn. -- Brian K.

It doesn't matter if you use Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Flask, Django, Java, Golang or any other language / framework. At the end of the day, Docker is a toolset that helps you package up and distribute your applications in a portable and repeatable way. You'll be able to set up entire development environments in a single command and run those same applications exactly the same in production with total confidence that it will work because you're just moving around special packages that Docker creates for you under the hood.

The days of "well it works for me!" or having to point another developer to a 20 page document on how to set up your web application are long over. Docker fixes those problems and so much more.

No prior Docker knowledge is necessary to take this course. We'll go all the way from "What is Docker?" to exploring what types of problems Docker solves to completely mastering Docker's core features (we'll cover Docker Compose in great depth too). Through out the process we'll go over Dockerizing simple web apps, complex multi-service web apps and I'll show you exactly how to Dockerize your own web apps.

I'm a big fan of learning by doing so this course has just enough theory combined with dozens of guided labs and challenges. This way you'll learn both the "why" and the "how".

Instead of sifting through 100+ scattered blog posts, this course lays everything out on a silver platter. I've done years of research and testing so you don't have to. All you have to do is sit back, relax and follow along with the videos. You're only a few short hours away from mastering Docker and applying it to your own applications.

I have been through very few learning experiences that were this thorough. Nick not only teaches you how to use Docker, but also how to troubleshoot Docker problems and research solutions. -- Dennis E.

What makes me suitable for teaching a course on Docker?

Hi, I'm Nick.

  • I've been a self taught software developer for the last 20 years. I've been actively using Docker since 2014. I also help train teams and individuals on how to "Dockerize" their applications.
  • This course is loaded with best practices and tips I've learned from years of real world experience and now I want to share everything I've learned with you.
  • I've answered over 4,000 questions on Docker over the years through my previous Docker courses.
  • I'm also a Docker Captain. Docker Captain is a title that Docker awards to select members of the community. Docker Captains are both experts in their field and are passionate about sharing their Docker knowledge with others.

Nick has always been quick to respond to my questions. I've never had a message fall through the cracks with Nick. He has become an invaluable mentor. -- Kyle. E

Bonus content:

  • Self contained notes that you can download and reference. It includes every command we run and all websites I visit on camera. No more hunting around videos to quickly find the content you want to review.
  • Over half a dozen code examples on how to Dockerize popular web frameworks.

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