Hands-On Application Development with React and Bootstrap


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Paid course
7 hours
57 lessons
Available on completion
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Packt Publishing
  • Install the required dependencies for a React App that uses Bootstrap 4
  • Use JSX to code your markup in a very natural way (as opposed to the usual approach)
  • Create your own React user login and registration component containing elements from the Bootstrap 4 library
  • Build a user interface out of components instead of the traditional jQuery and Document Object Model
  • Work with an integrated testing server running on Node .js to create a production build
  • Publish your web application using a production build script


Fast frontend development with React and Bootstrap; build fluid reactive and responsive websites

React is one of the most popular front-end JavaScript library for interactive web applications. Bootstrap 4 is a free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework that allows developers to build responsive, mobile-first websites. Integrating Bootstrap with React allows web developers to write much cleaner code, thus reducing the time spent on the frontend. In this course, the author, Bruce Van Horn, will help you gain a thorough understanding of the Bootstrap framework and will show you how to build impressive web apps. You will build a website with UI elements such as image galleries and custom pricing/shopping tools along with Bruce. He will show you how to use HTML, ES6, CSS, React, and Bootstrap 4 to build your own dynamic website.

By the end of the course, you will be able to build real-time responsive web apps using React and Bootstrap and will have learned to use the ES6 Syntax.

About the Author

Bruce M. Van Horn II is a professional software engineer with over 30 years of programming experience developing large scale commercial applications used by millions of unique users every day. He works as the lead developer for Clear Technologies, in Dallas, Texas, as the engineering lead for Clear Technologies’ Visual Storage Intelligence product. For 25 years, he has also taught evening classes at the collegiate and university level in various programming, animation, and multimedia disciplines. He currently teaches Full Stack Web Development at Southern Methodist University.

When not writing code or wrangling his two young daughters, he enjoys working on video game designs and creating CGI based art and animation.

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