Get a Job As a Web Developer: A Step-by-Step Guide


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Kalob Taulien
  • Updated for 2020
  • Learn the secret to getting a web development job (hint: it's not your resume)
  • Learn the secret to getting hired at your dream company
  • Learn how to get job interviews
  • Learn how important a portfolio website is
  • Learn how to skip passed the "Resume Application" phase
  • Learn about the secret coding tool every developer needs to learn, but nobody talks about
  • Learn what companies are ACTUALLY looking for in an employee
  • Learn the truth behind crazy job postings and insane qualifications
  • Learn how to multiply your job hunting efforts with very little work
  • Learn about good/bad advice that floats around in Facebook groups
  • Learn the #1 most important skill you need as a developer (hint: it's not coding)
  • Learn how to negotiate your salary
  • Learn how to find and apply for jobs with YOUR skills
  • Learn how to leave a lasting impression
  • Learn what companies want in a developer
  • Learn the one skill that's harder than coding
  • Learn the truth behind remote jobs and how they differ from in-office jobs
  • Learn why resumes don't work


Tips, tricks and industry secrets to help you land that web development job! A step-by-step guide to getting hired.

**Updated for 2019**

I've updated this course to be more updated as technologies have changed over the last couple of years. The old course (based on Frontend Web Developer) is still available as a bonus module at the end (there's tonnes of great knowledge in the old course).

This course now includes the secret way to get a job interview without submitting a resume. It's not really a "secret" it's just a technique that nobody talks about — until now. It'll change the way you look for a job as a web developer! 


*** If you're interested in becoming a web developer, this course IS for you! ***

This course is the result of a web development job study I did and I ended up getting 12 interviews in 12 weeks. Yes, I'm serious. Of those 12, most of them offered me a job and in the end I was able to pick which company I wanted to work for. 

The goal was to learn what skills companies are actually looking for, and I found those... and much much more. I found a formula for getting interviews quickly. 

I even had The City (that I live in) interview me. Twice! 

Update: I'll teach you how to bypass submitting a resume to strangers, and how to get an interview with your dream company.

This course goes over everything I did, in a simple step-by-step guide. You'll learn:

  • The secret way senior developers get job offers so quickly

  • The hidden coding tool all developers use, but nobody talks about

  • How to stop blindly submitting resumes and get a real interview

  • How to work your way into your dream company

  • How to find what skills are ACTUALLY in demand in your city

  • How to filter the noise and bad advice in Facebook groups

  • The REAL truth about crazy job postings with insane qualifications

  • The REAL skills you need to get a job as a web developer (hint: it's not necessarily coding)

  • If you REALLY need a GitHub account and a portfolio website

  • How to NOT get stuck on small things (hint: stop being a perfectionist, it's holding you back)

  • How to find companies that are hiring in your city

  • Why remote jobs are NOT as awesome as people think (this is a common trap people fall into)

  • How to apply for your first job

  • How to manage your first interview

  • How to manage your nervousness in interviews

  • How to get TONNES of interviews. I got 12 interviews in 12 weeks.

  • How to negotiate your salary and how to deal with the dreaded "how much money do you want?" question

  • What companies are REALLY looking for (hint: it's not what you think)

  • Can't get any interviews? There's a lesson on how to climb out of that hole

  • Soft skills vs. technical skills -- which should you focus on?

  • How to get a job by making friends

  • What to do once you land your first web development job

This course is action-orientated. If you are willing to do the work, this course WILL work for you and get you a job soon. 

All the techniques I'm teaching in this course I have actually used. There's no smoke or magic, and I'm not preaching without experience.

You will learn about some nasty truths about getting an interview in any industry and how to handle them. Don't get discouraged when somebody doesn't call you back. 

But most importantly, you'll learn the secret to always having a job in web development. Actually, it's not a secret, it's just something nobody openly talks about. 

If you're serious about getting a job as web developer then this course is definitely for you.

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