Games Tester How To Become A Professional


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16 lessons
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Paul Cheetham
  • Discover the hidden places where aspiring games testers don't look
  • Attend games interviews with confidence
  • Get a deep understanding of where games testers fit in the games development lifecycle
  • Get a deep understanding of How Games Testers Operate


Equip yourself with knowledge to become a full time games tester and get paid todo it.

Having spent 2 years in the games industry as games tester & been Credited In Over 4 third generation console titles (has revealed a lot to me) when I first started out there is still a distinct lack of knowledge out there -- especially on what a games tester actually does & for that reason I was compelled to create this course.

In this course I will share with you The Cumulation Of All My Knowledge I have acquired as a games tester & there will be nothing held back from you.

  • Understand what Games Testing is & what will be required of you
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the games industry
  • Unmask the Secret Games Testing Profession
  • Find out how to Earn Real Money doing what you love
  • Download the resources you need to find where the REAL Games Tester Jobs are found
  • Learn the different types of games testing jobs & Which Will Suite You

If you are serious about becoming a games testers & want to know if your up to the task, then whats a better to learn all about it than from Someone That Has Actually Been In The Profession.

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