FULLSTACK Web Development- HTML,CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ELIXIR


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Paid course
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6 hours
52 lessons
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Harshit Srivastava
  • On completiong of this course you would have a better grip over FRONT-END web development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • And you would have a better grip over BACK-END web development with Php, SQL, MySQL database.
  • You would be able to develop a beautiful and powerful website. Beautiful with CSS, powerful with JavaScript, and contentful with HTML.
  • You could write elixir programs, and implement elixir applications integrating with or without other web technologies.


Learn to Master multiple Front & Back end technologies to develop an advanced Web Application or Website

Are you passionate about developing a complete website from scratch? Where you can develop your frontend web pages powered by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and implement Backend functionalities with PHP, that works in sync with a powerful Relational Database- MySQL. You could be an aspiring professional or a student, you can create a great website with good visuals, cool functionalities, and better performance if you put some real efforts. Although creating a website can look very complex at the beginning, but if you constantly practice what you will learn in this course, you could definitely curate a website people will love to visit.

What not to expect from this course:

This course is not about creating a website with Drag and Drop options, or copying templates or using any custom plugin.

What you can expect from this course:

  • You will be learning some of the web development technologies right from the beginning, so that you can build up your web development skills right from the fundamentals understanding the flow of a website from Front-end to back-end technologies.

  • You will learn creating HTML5 pages with CSS

  • You will learn creating HTML tags, list, table, hyperlinks, frame, frameset, html form, etc

  • You will learn how to implement front-end logic and functionalities with JavaScript

  • You will learn how to create Form validation, Event Handling, Operator and Conditionals in JavaScript

  • You will learn backend programming with PHP, implementing various server side logic

  • You will learn SQL (Structured Query Language) and MySQL Relational Database

  • You will learn how to create a Login page with php and database

  • You will also learn how to fetch some information from the MySQL database by writing php code

  • In the later sections, you will learn functional programming in ELIXIR programming language

  • You will learn how to write decision making statements, string, list, tuple, map, modules, recursion, loop, structure, macros, and much more with Elixir programming language.

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FULLSTACK Web Development- HTML,CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ELIXIR
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