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Harshit Srivastava
  • On completiong of this course you would have a better grip over FRONT-END web development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • And you would have a better grip over BACK-END web development with Php, SQL, MySQL database.
  • You would be able to develop a beautiful and powerful website. Beautiful with CSS, powerful with JavaScript, and contentful with HTML.
  • You could host your website with and without a web hosting fee.


with HTML5, CSS3, PHP7, SQL, JavaScript, CGI-PERL and MySQL

Web development as a domain has been out there since long time. From the early 90s websites that appeared in the world wide web to the modern day websites. The first generations of websites were not very much appealing to a user with almost ugly User Interface, and very few features to offer. Most of them were static websites without any involvement of databases or server side scripts. When Php was released, it soon became very popular. It popularity was no less then what we see today for Machine Learning and Data Science. People were crazy, very few realized the true power of dynamic websites. It paved a highway full of opportunities for entrepreneurs and business to try and get rich by experimenting new ideas with very less investment.

These days a lot of people take web development for granted. These days, if a company doesn't have a website, they actually don't exists. A revolutionary website like YouTube provided millions of travel vloggers a way to earn while they travel. Social media platforms empowered millions of influencers and audience to communicate and share ideas. Knowledge has been democratized with internet. You can create one such platform right with your web development skills.

In this course you will be learning Fullstack web development right from the beginning, so don't worry if you just starting. You will learn both front-end and back-end web development in this course. If you are a true developer, you won't rely on any website builder tool where you have very little control over the actual code. You will learn writing HTML code where you can create your UI with CSS styling, add programmatic capabilities with JavaScript. You will also learn writing back end scripts with PHP and PERL programming languages. You will also learn writing SQL queries and perform database operations with MySQL datbase.

There skills are the building blocks of your overall knowledge of web development. Once you learn and practice the skills learned in this course, you can easily understand the complete picture of web development. Although you won't be learning any specific web framework in this course, but once you learn JavaScript and PHP (covered in this course), you could easily understand any web framework later.

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