Flutter - Firebase - CRUD - Build 2 Apps super easy!


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Paid course
2 hours
21 lessons
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Tim Schütz
  • - Connect Firebase to Flutter project
  • - Know how to create, read, update, delete Items in your Firebase Database
  • - Use Streambuilder to display all your Data


Understand how Firebase works and how to wire it up with Flutter

We will be building 2 Apps and connect both to Firebase. Our first App will have all important functionallities you need to know. You can use this project as a reference for your own Apps. The second App will be a todo list which you can do as a excercise or with me together.

- Connect Firebase to your projects

- Build Databases

- Create, read, update, delte Items in your Databases

- Read All items from your Databases and display them

Have fun, enjoy!

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