FastAPI Full Stack Web Development (API + Webapp)


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Paid course
7 hours
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Sourabh Sinha
  • Learn to develop an API as well as webapp using FastAPI with best practices and unit testing.


Experience building high-performance APIs with Industry-standard best practices. It's gonna be hard but worth it.

This course is a guide to learn FastAPI. The FastAPI documentation is one of the best documentation. This course is for students who love videos as a medium to learn. We will be learning FastAPI with best practices. The Test-Driven Development goat ? will guide our development process. TDD is the way to think of the code before we actually write a piece of code. In this course we will be learning the following core concepts:

  • Creating APIs : We will implement the below endpoints:

    • Create Jobs

    • Retrieve

    • Update

    • Delete

    • List Jobs

  • User Authentication with basic security

    • Password will be hashed to provide additional security

    • We will use JSON Web Tokens to authenticate

    • Tokens won't be stored in LocalStorage or Cookies

    • Token will be stored in HttpOnly cookie

  • Version Control System

    • We will use GIT as our vcs

    • Github will be used to host our code

  • Creating web apps

    • We will use Jinja Templating Language

    • We will be working with several forms

  • Unit Testing

    • Tests will be written in Pytest

    • After each testing cycle, the Test database will be cleaned

    • Test Coverage

    • How not to write unit tests?

  • Permissions : A user who has not created the job, won't be able to delete it.

  • We will work with Postgres and monitor it using PgAdmin.

Fastapi provides us built-in OpenAPI docs, we will use the documentation to the fullest. The docs helps backend and frontend developers collaborate easily with each other.

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