Everything You Need For Web Development


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Paid course
3 hours
37 lessons
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Anshul Yadav
  • Learn Computer Networks Work
  • Learn about Databases both SQL and NoSQL
  • Backend Programming
  • Frontend Programming: HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Web Development Frameworks: Front-end Frameworks, Back-end Frameworks, Isomorphic Frameworks and Software Stacks
  • Git and GitHub: The version control and repo hosting
  • Agile and Waterfall Development Processes


Front-end, Back-end, Databases and Everything Else


Hey, welcome to "Everything You Need For Web Development." I am Anshul, your friend and instructor of this course. You are here. This suggests, you want to learn web development. I can help you in your journey. In this article, I want to introduce this course. Investment in learning is the best investment, if the product fits your needs. I wish you make the right buying decision. You should buy this course if it fits your needs. Let's get started!

What is this course about?

As the title suggests, this course is about web development. Web development is an umbrella term. It includes everything that goes under the hood of websites. Have you every looked at a website and wondered, What technology is used to give you the experience you receive? Answer to this question and many others is covered in this course. This course gives an eagle's eye view of the various technologies used in web development. Sometimes we miss the forest for the trees. We learn one or two technologies and think we have learned web development. This is a valid approach. But it makes much more sense to know the scope before diving deep into any technology.

What is the problem this course tries to solve?

Web development is vast. It is like a ocean or a forest. You can easily get lost and lose hope. This course is like a map you can use to chart your way. All the important landmarks of the territory are addressed in this course. My hope is after doing this course you will know exactly what you want to learn next and how. Now, if you want to learn front end development, you can do that. If you want to learn back end development, you can do that. If you want to build a complete end to end website, you can do that. This course is everything I wish I had when I started web development.

Why should you care?

Since you are here, it means you are interested in web development. Web development is one of the most lucrative fields of computer engineering. Literally every business has a website. And there are big business which are based on the web. Facebook, Google, are examples of these. Learning web development will make you much more useful to the market place. You will have multiple avenues of earning. You can freelance, join a startup or join a big company. Once you learn web development sky is the limit to your earning potential. This course is a perfect step in that direction.

Why am I worthy of teaching this course?

I have been coding for more than a decade. I started when I was in school. I have done B. Tech from the most prestigious institute in India. I have done it from IIT in Computer Science and Engineering. After my graduation, I have worked with various companies to develop web applications. Currently, I work for Amazon. I love teaching. And I have taught more than 30,000 students in online and offline classes. My students love me and tend to do more than one course under me. I got many 5 star reviews in most of my courses.

What is my way of teaching?

I like to keep the class lively and visual. Drawing and sketching has been a passion of mine for quite some time. Sketch notes make this passion come alive. I explain all concepts by drawing diagrams and doodles. Making an impact from my teaching is my life long goal. Every video contains a distinct topic which is covered in detail. You will also get quizzes that will help you in evaluating your understanding. I love making quizzes. I have created quizzes after every section. You can check my teaching style by watching some of the preview videos.

What will you get out of the course?

I have a unique teaching style. This style is liked by many students. I teach using sketch notes. All the lectures in the course are covered by sketch notes. Sketch notes are very good way of explaining deep concepts. The course is also fully packed with quizzes. Quizzes are an excellent way of testing our knowledge and recapping the material. In the resource section of the first lecture you will find all the lecture notes. Web development is an interesting field. You will get a lot of support from this course.

What does other students say about my courses?

My students are over all happy with my teaching style. Many of them say that their concepts are clearer than before. I have taught a course on HTML and CSS which is loved by more than 25000 students. Some students are so impressed that they want to do every course by me. I am truly happy and grateful for all my students feedback. My students make my days.

This course comes with thirty day money back guarantee

This course comes with thirty day money back guarantee. In thirty days, if you find that you do not enjoy this course, you can return it. All your money will be refunded. This is a fair deal. Only the students, who are getting more value than the cost, should pay for the course. I love and honor this guarantee. I am here to build a life long relationship with my students. I want to make sure that I serve my students by as many courses as possible.

You will get a certificate of completion

You will get a certification of completion with this course. That will be useful when you go out for seeking jobs. You can include this course in your resume. The certificate also gives you some bragging rights. You can also share this certificate on LinkedIn. That will show your network that you are interested in learning. I highly recommend you make most use of the certificate. Share it will as many people as possible. To get the certificate you need to watch all the lectures and complete all the quizzes. I can't wait to see you in the class.

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