ES6 Javascript Essentials (With Exercise Files)


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
2 hours
20 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Max Kaplan
  • Understand everything thats new in ES6
  • Write better Javascript code
  • Use Babel to take advantage to everything new in ES6


A step-by-step tutorial on whats new in ES6 with exercise files.

Welcome to ES6 Javascript Essentials! In this course we will go over everything new in ES6. There are two main factors that make this course different than other courses out there going over the same topic.

  • You get exercise files included at no additional cost to you. You will be able to follow along with me throughout the videos, and have the finished code at the end of each vide.
  • I will spend more time on the more important features so you can truly master them. I want this course to make you an overall better developer. Not just give you an overview on everything new in ES6. In this course, I make sure we dedicate more time to certain topics where it is necessary.
  • This course is divided up into three main sections. The first two, are what I consider to be the more important sections. The last section is the nice-to-haves. Things you might not use everyday, but can still be very beneficial to your applications. There is a lot to learn in this course so I am excited to get started!

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