Docker - Introducing Docker Essentials, Containers, and more


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Course overview

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Paid course
All Levels
6 hours
47 lessons
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David Joseph Katz
  • Use Docker compose to create multi-container applications.
  • Create and run Docker containers.
  • Build your own custom Docker images.
  • Run Docker Commands on the command line.
  • Understand best practices of Dockerfiles and Image building.
  • Understand Docker Cloud and Docker swarm.
  • Create a cluster with Docker Swarm.
  • Publish and host Docker images on Docker Cloud.
  • Set up continuous integration workflows with automatic testing on Docker Cloud and Github.
  • And more!


Create and run Docker containers, and build multi-container applications. Compose, Networks, Swarm, Cloud, & more!

Docker is an open platform that lets you package, develop, run, and ship applications in environments called containers. During the past few years, Docker has completely changed the landscape of the software engineering industry. For developers, Docker is a must-know. For enterprises, Docker is a must-use.

Containers are revolutionary because they allow you as the developer to work with applications without the hassle of installing extra dependencies. With Docker, your coding environment will immediately set up. That way, you can spend your time focusing on the code that truly matters to you, your team, and your organization.

Docker and containerization also lies at the heart of development operations. Development engineers have the skills to both create and deploy applications. These kind of engineers hold a high value in the job market, and average higher salaries than software engineers. So knowing Docker will increase your DevOps skills and open doors for you.

How is this course designed?

This course is designed to introduce Docker and its core concepts. As a project-based course, you will become familiar with the main Docker commands as you build various applications with containers and images. The course centers around filmed tutorials, with notes accompanying each video. Go through a video for a deep understanding, and read the notes for a quick walk-through of main concepts and relevant commands. This gives you the power to go through the course at your own pace!

Some of the main course highlights:

  • Run your own containers on the command line with Docker.

  • Build your own container images with Dockerfiles.

  • Persist data across containers with mounts.

  • Compose multicontainer applications with Docker Compose.

  • Update containers dynamically with volumes.

  • Create private networks for Docker containers.

  • Create a multinode cluster with Docker Swarm.

  • Set up the automatic building of Docker Images with Docker Cloud.

  • Configure automatic tests and a continuous integration workflow with Docker Cloud.

On top of that, Docker gives us the power to work in almost any environment. Therefore, in our exploration of Docker, we’ll even get exposure to Node.js, Express.js, PHP, Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, and more.

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