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Paid course
2 hours
36 lessons
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Timo H. | C# Development | .Net | DevOps
  • What is Docker, Which Problems does it solve?
  • Basic Docker concepts
  • Docker Tools and CLI: Create, Debug and Log
  • Use Dockerfiles, Images, Containers, Volumes and more
  • How can you use Docker effectively as a software developer
  • Practical examples and lots of resources


As .Net developer, learn everything about Dockerfiles, Images, Containers and advanced topics like docker-compose

Docker is an integral part of modern software development!

If you simply want to try out a new application, need to run multiple versions of the same app on your machine or want to replicate the dev environment of a colleague.

Docker is the technology of choice

In the following Trends of the IT industry it is one or the driving force:

  • DevOps with CI/CD

  • Cloud Deployment

  • Standardized Environments

  • Testability of Systems

  • Scalability of Systems

  • Microservices

  • and much more

So to stay up to date and accelerate your career as a developer you absolutely should at least be comfortable with Docker!

In the course you are going to learn:

  • Docker in comparison to Virtual Machines

  • Dockers architecture, what it was built on and why docker is so popular

  • Which Problems does Docker solve for us as developers?

    • Consistency Problem

    • Responsiveness Problem

  • Useful analogies to cope with the Docker concepts

    • Compared to object oriented programming

    • Images are like classes

    • Containers are like instances

  • Learn to use the CLI Client effectively

    • Images

    • Container

    • Networks

    • Volumes

In addition you get to know the following advanced topics:

  • Multi Stage builds

  • What is image layering

  • Container debugging

  • Automate multiple container setup with docker compose

  • containerized development

Also this course comes packed with downloadable materials like a github repository and Cheat sheets for the examples so you can reproduce all of it and deepen your knowledge of Docker.

So go ahead, enroll with the course, becuase of the 30 day money back guarantee of Udemy you have nothing to loose but your confusion about Docker!

I also tend to answer really quickly for course topic related questions ;)

Enjoy the course!

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