Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift


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Mohammad Azam
  • Be more confident when faced with data structures and algorithms questions in an interview
  • Ability to detect and process the computational performance of a piece of code


Implementing Practical Data Structures with Swift

Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift

Data structures and algorithms are the building blocks of programming. Algorithms and data structures are taught in universities and are often asked during a programming job interview. This course is dedicated to teach you the concepts behind the most common data structures and algorithms, implemented in Swift language.

My name is Mohammad Azam and I am one of the top mobile instructors on Udemy. I have authored 20+ courses and have close to 35000 students. Some of my popular courses include:

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I have worked as a lead mobile developer for many fortune 500 companies including AIG, Valic, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, The Home Depot and At present I am serving as a lead instructor for a coding bootcamp, DigitalCrafts.

What’s stopping you from enrolling in this course today?

I have designed this course specifically for you! Each section is accompanied with exercise files and explain the concept in detail. Check out some of the reviews from my students below:

"Mohammad Azam has an excellent teaching style which makes it easy & fun to comprehend these Swift features in such a short course & he explains the concepts in more detail & clarity than most instructors. Plus, his videos are well prepared & he's very articulate. I hope he will create more courses."

I fully recommend this course to anybody who is learning Swift and wants to learn more about the mapKit framework. The instructor is superb and is very experienced. This course is ideal for beginners, intermediate and even experienced iOS developers. There is something new to learn for everybody about mapKit. I rate this course 10 out of 10. Mohammad Azam is a world class teacher and it was a pleasure following his lessons.

As testament to his work ethic and passion, Mohammad immediately prepared a series of videos covering the specific scenario I mention below. Ultimately, this is a fantastic foundation for anyone looking to explore the new capabilities of the Codable protocols within Swift 4.

Buy this course and what will you get?

I am using the latest version of Xcode 10 for this course along with Swift 4.2. This means you will be working with the brand new technology and language features. I also provide unlimited support on Udemy forums. I love my students and I want to see them succeed and that is why I provide excellent customer service.

Can you believe this course is just $199?

Learning and applying data structures and algorithms can help you land your dream job. Most of the programming interviews revolves around the questions related to data structures and algorithms. All of the information regarding design patterns is available to you for only $199. This is a extremely good deal and you should definitely make use of this deal.

Why learn data structures and algorithms?

  • Data structures and algorithms can land you your dream job since it is asked quite often during programming job interviews.  

  • By learning data structures and algorithms you can become a better developer.

  • Data structures and algorithms can make you a better developer. You will know how things work behind the scenes and what is the cost of writing a particular piece of code.

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for intermediate and advanced developers who wants to learn more about data structures and algorithms using Swift language.

  • Developers who wants to enhance their existing skills.

Is this course right for me?

Look: If you are still not convinced then check out my 5 star rating on Udemy. I am very active on Udemy forums and I try my best to answer every single question from my students. I also provide lifetime updates for my course and keep a regular schedule for updating the course with new, educational material.

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