Data science on COVID-19 / CORONA virus spread data


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Paid course
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8 hours
66 lessons
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Frank Kienle
  • Analytics project applied on COVID 19 data, understanding spread of the virus
  • Data Science best practices from industry with full project walkthrough from setting up a project to delivery
  • Python with analysis, machine learning, visualisation, Facebook Prophet, SIR epidemic simulations, Tableau Dashboards


Analysis of CORONA / COVID-19 virus data with Python: data handling, machine learning, visualisation, spread simulations

The goal of this lecture is to transport the best practices of data science from the industry while developing a CORONA / COVID-19 analysis prototype

The student should learn the process of modeling (Python) and a methodology to approach a business problem based on daily updated COVID 19 data sets

The final result will be a dynamic dashboard - which can be updated by one click - of COVID-19 data with filtered and calculated data sets like the current Doubling Rate of confirmed cases

Techniques used are REST Services, Python Pandas, scikit-learn, Facebook Prophet, Plotly, Dash, and SIR virus spread simulations + bonus section Tableau for visual analytics

For this, we will follow an industry-standard  CRISP process by focusing on the iterative nature of agile development

  • Business understanding (what is our goal)

  • Data Understanding (where do we get data and cleaning of data)

  • Data Preparation (data transformation and visualization)

  • Modeling (Statistics, Machine Learning, and SIR Simulations on COVID Data)

  • Deployment (how to deliver results, dynamic dashboards in python and Tableau)

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