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  • Style an Actual Project From Scratch Using CSS3
  • Learn How To Use CSS3 For Web Development & Web Design
  • How To Easily Style Beautiful Websites From Scratch Using CSS3
  • Learn & Master The Use Of CSS3 Proprerties (Starting With The Basic Ones)
  • The Necessary Skills & Knowledge To Quickly Style & Edit Web Pages
  • Download & Install Sublime Text 3 Text Editor for Coding
  • Download & Install MAMP for working in a local Web Development Enviornment
  • Download & Install Firefox Web Browser for testing & Debugging your web pages


Everything you need to know about Basic CSS3 Properties

Have you always wanted to learn how to code but don't know where to start?

Would you like to make amazing websites and bring your ideas to life?

Then CSS3 Basics is for you!

Hi, I’m your instructor Josh Werner and I’ll be leading you through this course.

Programming is the most in-demand skill in 2021.

The course begins with the basics. 

I'll take you through everything you need to know to start building websites like an expert.

You'll learn all the fundamentals of CSS3 and how you can style your own websites.

This is great for students starting or advanced developers that need a refresher course on CSS3.

There are no requirements necessary to enroll I only ask that you come open minded and ready to learn

Feel Free to look through the course description and checkout some of my preview videos

The course is packed with over 5 hours of hands-on tutorials

Here is what you will Learn:

01. Introduction

     01. Overview

02. FireFox Developer Edition

     02. Overview

     03. Download & Install

     04. Features

     05. Developer Tools

     06. Summary

03. Atom

     07. Overview

     08. Download & Install

     09. Open a Project

     10. Version Control with GitHub

     11. Collaborate with Teletype

     12. Install a Package

     13. Choose a Theme

     14. Hack on the Init Script

     15. Add a Snippet

     16. Keyboard Shortcuts

     17. Summary

04. History

     18. Overview

     19. History

     20. What is CSS

     21. What is CSS3 

05. Basic Properties   

     22. Overview

     23. Download Course Files


     25. Insert CSS

     26. Syntax

     27. Selectors

     28. Colors

     29. Backgrounds

     30. Borders

     31. Margins

     32. Padding

     33. Height/Width

     34. Box Model

     35. Outline

     36. Text

     37. Fonts

     38. Icons

     39. Links

     40. Lists

     41. Tables

     42. Display

     43. Max-Width

     44. Position

     45. Overflow

     46. Float

     47. Inline-Block

     48. Align

     49. Combinators

     50. Pseudo Class

     51. Pseudo Element

     52. Opacity

     53. Navigation Bar

     54. Dropdowns

     55. Image Gallery

     56. Image Sprites

     57. Attribute Selectors

     58. Forms

     59. Counters

     60. Website layout

     61. Units

     62. Specificity

     63. !important

06. Project

     64. Overview

     65. Style Home Page

     66. Style Tech Support Page

     67. Style Course Page

     68. Style Premium Page

     69. Style Learn Tech Page

     70. Style Contact Page

     71. Summary

07. Conclusion

    72. Summary

So what are you waiting for? I look forward to going through course with you I’ll see you inside!

CSS3 Basics
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