Css For Beginners


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
3 hours
30 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Bluelime Learning Solutions
  • Learn How to apply styling to divs
  • Learn how to write CSS Syntax
  • Learn how to apply Internal stylesheet to an HTML Document
  • Learn how to apply External stylesheet to an HTML Document
  • Learn how to make rounded corners on a square
  • Learn how to change the background color of a webpage
  • Learn how to position images on a webpage
  • Learn how to style HTML elements by their id and Class


This course is a practical hands-on course that will teach from how to write CSS syntax to applying Styles to HTML

This course is video based and is structured in a way that will make it easy for a beginner to follow step by step. This is a hands on course and you will learn by styling various HTML elements.

The course will teach you all the things below:

How to CSS Syntax

How to apply background colour to a webpage

How to change the size of a text

How to apply margins to HTML elements

How to apply external style sheets to HTML elements

How to embed CSS into HTML Document

The benefits of taking this course includes:

Gaining skills to know how to apply styling to a webpage.

Confidence to be creative and customize website yourself

Have the ability to understand and possibly fix css issues on a website

You will gain skills to change the look of a website as required.The skills will give you the flexibility to work from home or anywhere in the world as a web designer and developer.

Css For Beginners
  • English language

  • Recommended provider

  • Certificate available