CS121 Learn JavaScript Programming


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
6 hours
32 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Andrew Schlegel
  • Perform basic programming concepts and prepare for an interview for a career as a programmer.
  • Students will be introduced to Objected Oriented Programming using my Advanced refined teaching techniques.


JavaScript - Object Oriented Programming made ridiculously easy

This is a first programming course at the University level.  It is similar to programming courses that I teach at the City University of Seattle. I have over 20 years programming experience but more importantly I teach multiple programming courses at the University Level. I am a professional at teaching people to program. I know what questions and problems students will have before they even know themselves.   I have designed the course to take you straight through the most difficult programming concepts and the student never even knew it was a difficult topic.   However with my vast industry programming experience I also know what you need to know for a successful programming career position.  So join the course today and start your exciting programming career.

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