Create Your First Website with HTML, CSS & JavaScript


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
2 hours
46 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Danny Connell
  • The basics of HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • How to use HTML to create a web page with elements including headings, paragraphs, lists & images
  • How to use CSS to make your web page beautiful
  • How to use CSS to make your web page responsive (and look great on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile)
  • The basics of CSS Flexbox layouts
  • How to use JavaScript to add interactivity to your web page


Get started in Web Development quickly by creating a beautiful, responsive website with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

In this course for absolute beginners, I’m gonna show you to get started with HTML, CSS & JavaScript by creating a simple, responsive product page website - in around 2 hours!

Don’t worry if you have no experience with web development, because in this course you’re gonna start at the very beginning.

  • First you're going to install and setup the text editor that you'll be using - the incredible & free Visual Studio Code.

  • Then you'll learn the basics of HTML and create your first HTML page - adding headings, paragraphs, lists, links and images.

  • Next you'll learn the basics of CSS and then use CSS to make your web page look beautiful. You'll even use CSS to make your web page responsive - meaning it will adapt to look great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

  • You'll finish off by learning the basics of JavaScript, and using JavaScript to make an animated Cookies Banner appear at the bottom of the page after a couple of seconds, and then make it disappear when the Close button is clicked.

This course will teach you the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Responsive Design QUICKLY.

No experience is necessary. All you need is a Windows or Mac computer - and a thirst to learn!

Please check out the preview videos & I look forward to seeing you in the course!

Create Your First Website with HTML, CSS & JavaScript
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  • Certificate available