Create Fitbit Ionic Clock Faces using JavaScript


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
2 hours
24 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Barry Michael Doyle
  • Build Custom Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch Clock Faces
  • Display Time, Date, Day etc.
  • Get and Display Steps, Floors climbed, Distance Travelled
  • Monitor and Display Heart Rate
  • Monitor Battery Charge State and Draw SVG elements based on value
  • Publish Clock Face on the Fitbit App Gallery


Learn to make Clock Faces for your Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch from Scratch to Deployment with no prior experience!

This course teaches you how to build your own custom Fitbit Ionic Clock Faces from scratch all the way through to deploying it on the Fitbit App Gallery.

It is suitable for beginner developers with no prior knowledge of JavaScript, however a background in web development is certainly beneficial!

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is beneficial but not required for this course.

The course instructor Barry Michael Doyle will also provide support and aid where possible to help you if you get stuck.

It all begins here!

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