Create a Python Application to connect to multiple databases


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6 hours
67 lessons
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Bluelime Learning Solutions
  • Install and setup multiple database systems
  • Create virtual environments
  • Install database connector drivers for multiple database systems
  • Create Python Application GUI Frontend
  • Create database and table in multiple database systems
  • Create a class and methods in Python File
  • Import and use Python Modules
  • Create database connection configuration file
  • Interact with databases from Python Application GUI
  • Perform various database operations from Python App GUI


Create a Python App and Connect to and interact with Databases : PostgreSQL | MySQL |SQL Server | Oracle|SQLite

In this course you will   learn how to create a Python  application program  that will interact with the following database systems:

  • SQL Server database

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL

  • Oracle

  • SQLite

Python has  various modules that you can use to  interact with databases. We will install the various database connector module for each database system to enable us interact with the various  database systems from our Python application.

We will setup the various database management systems and also create a new database and table that our Python application will interact with.

We will create the Python application frontend using Tkinter which is a built in Python module used to create graphical user interfaces . From tkinter module we will import ttk module which is a themed widget library that contains various types of widgets like buttons,labels etc that we can use to build the graphical user interface for our Python application. We will also import other bits and pieces from the tkinter module that our Python application will use.

Also we will create a database configuration file that twill be used to interact with the various database systems that we will  connect to from our Python application. We will perform various database operations on the databases we will create from out Python application GUI frontend.

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Create a Python Application to connect to multiple databases
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