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Bhanu Pratap
  • Once you finish all the topics of course, you would be very confident in core Java and able to answer all core Java interview questions


Core java concepts with Real Examples

I am designing Core Java course, in such a way that, anyone can understand easily without any prior knowledge of programming language. As a part of course I am adding lots of example with notes and live coding in eclipse.

Each Topics are covered in very details. with lot of Assignments which will help you for interview. Once you finish this course, you would able to answer any questions and will get lot of confidence in Java programming.

Core Java Includes:

1. What is Java

2. Features of Java

3. JDK, JRE and JVM

4. JVM Architecture

5. Variables and Data Types in Java

6. Increment and decrement operators in java

7. Java If Statement

8. Java if-else Statement

9. Nested-if

10. Switch Statement

11. For Loop In Java

12. For-each or Enhanced for Loop

13. While Loop In Java

14. Java Break Statement

15. Java Continue

16. Class, Object and Method

17. Static and Non-Static Member Of Class

18. Naming convention in Java

19. Constructor in Java

20. Return Type in Java

21. Access Modifier

22. This keyword in Java

23. Method Overloading In Java

24. Inheritance in Java

25. Method overriding In Java

26. Interface in Java

27. Abstract Class in Java

28. Super keyword in java

29. Instance Initializer block

30. Final Keyword in Java

31. Java instanceof operator.

32. Encapsulation in Java

33. Static Block in Java

34. Enum in Java

35. Type Casting in Java

36. Runtime polymorphism

37. Abstraction in java

38. Array in Java

39. String in Java

40. Stringbuffer in Java

41. Stringbuilder in Java

42. Exceptional Handling in Java

43. Throw Keyword

44. Throws Keyword

45. Finally Block

46. Collection Framework Architecture

47. Array List

48. Linked List

49. Set

50. Hash Set

51. Linked Hash Set

52. Tree Set

53. Map

54. Hash Map

55. Linked Hash Map

56. Tree Map.

57. Hash Table

58. Sorting in Collection

59. Comparable interface

60. Comparator interface

61. Multithreading in Java

62. Life cycle of a Thread

63. Thread Scheduler in Java

64. Thread Methods

65. Java Thread Pool

66. Java Thread Group

67. Java Garbage Collection

68. Synchronization in Java

69. Deadlock in java

Other topics update are in progress, Below topic will be updated soon.

  • Properties file in Java

  • Java I/O

  • Java Programs

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