Copywriting: Define the Tone of Your Personal Brand

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Carla Gonzalez

Carla González, advertising writer specializing in Branded Content who has worked for brands such as IKEA, BMW, Vueling, Banco Sabadell or Casio, will teach you how to find the tone of your personal brand.

Through real examples, you will analyze the personality of renowned brands and discover how important is the way in which they communicate, not only to reach the public, but also to build a solid and coherent branding. All these teachings will help you to give voice to your personal brand and limit your verbal universe.


Learn to build a solid and coherent brand personality

You will begin knowing better the trajectory and the influences of Carla González.

Then you will perform an analysis exercise before getting to write learning to discover what is the tone of a brand and how to create it from scratch.

Next, Carla will talk about the briefing that will serve as the final project of the course, a series of advertising posters that compile phrases or slogans that go with you and reflect your personality.

In addition, during this process, you will see some tricks to learn to write coherently and make your texts shine, you will discover how to play with the length of sentences, the repetition of words, etc.

Finally, as a bonustrack, Carla will challenge you to write your own about or biography that best describes you, a text that usually costs to write to any copy.

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