Complete Vuejs Course: Vue.js + Nuxt.js + PHP + Express.js


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
All Levels
18 hours
289 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
OnlyKiosk Tech
  • Create front-end apps using Vue
  • Connect your Vue program to PHP and MySQL
  • Operate command line, Babel, NPM, and Webpack
  • Create single page applications using Vue, Vue single file components, and Vue router
  • Master vue router, vuex and axios
  • Master Ajax
  • Master Expressjs
  • Master Nodejs
  • Master Vuejs
  • Master Nuxtjs


VueJS, Command Line, Babel, NPM, Webpack, Vue JS CLI, Vue.js Router, VueX, Axios, iView, Express.js, Nuxt.js

If all you still think jQuery can completely replace JavaScript and want to learn Vue.JS, then this course is PERFECT for you because you will learn EVERYTHING you need here. 

Minumum Requirement: 

This course is designed for students with zero ES6 foundation, BUT you do need to know basic ES5. If you know how to set background color for a DIV using native JavaScript and jQuery, then you are good to go. 

    <div class='div' id='one'>Set a background color...</div>

Course Contents: 

This course has 46 sections and covers 18 areas:

  • Vue JS Basics (Section 1-27)

  • Ajax (Section 28)

  • Connecting Vue to PHP and MySQL (Section 29)

  • Command Line Instrument (Section 30)

  • NPM (Section 31)

  • Babel (Section 32)

  • JS modular system, including module.exports, import and export (Section 33)

  • Webpack (Section 33)

  • Vue CLI (Section 34)

  • Vue Single-file Components (Section 34)

  • Vue Router (Section 35)

  • VueX (Section 36)

  • Axios (Section 37, 38, and 39)

  • Vue UI Library: iView (Section 40)

  • Advanced JavaScript: scope, scope chain, JavaScript Garbage Collection, Closure, IIFE(Instantly Invoked Function Expression), THIS, etc. 

  • Node.js and Express.js

  • Connecting Vue to Express and MySQL

  • Nuxt.js

  • Note: The Vue version taught in this lesson will be 2.0+

    Content Description:

    Your VueJS study is made of two stages.

    In stage one, you will learn Vue basics like Vue instance, directives, components, etc.   

    In stage two, you will learn Vue single file component, Vue router, VueX and a Vue UI library called iView.

    Between stage one and two, you will learn command line, npm, Babel, and Webpack. You need these skills to take the leap from stage one to stage two.   

    By the way, skills you learn between stage one and stage two are not just for Vue. You will also need them when you are learning other modern JS-based frameworks. 

    A frontend program alone is useless until it is connected to backend program and database.   

    We will teach you how to connect Vue to PHP and MySQL via Ajax and Ajax-based techs like Axios. 

    Throughout the course, you will be working on several projects so that you will always have a chance to practice and apply what you have learnt.   

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