Complete ReactJS developer Bootcamp - Build 10 projects


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
All Levels
12 hours
90 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Igneus Technologies
  • ReactJS - Complete modern and updated react knowledge
  • Build 10+ projects that can be used in Portfolio
  • React - State, props, hooks, router, context API, API handling and more
  • Authentication, route restriction, CRUD flow of database
  • Firebase Auth, Firebase database and Firebase file hosting


A complete beginner-friendly course on Reactjs. This course includes modern react with Hooks, Context API, and more...

Welcome to the modern react js developer course.

NOTE: This is totally new course and not a refreshed course, where just 1 or 2 sections are new. Every single video is new and according to modern reactjs. Also, this course is totally beginner-friendly course.

Now, let’s go through with some questions that you should know.

Q. What is the prerequisite for this course?

A. You need to know JS basics before getting started with the course. You don’t need to be expert in JS, just basics of loops, arrow functions, etc need to know.

Q. What I will build in this course?

A. In this course, you will create 10 different applications. Every application is focused on different subjects of react like hooks, context API, web API, local storage, firebase, login, etc. We will create a different application for every major concept. This helps a beginner to understand the topic easily. Also, this will give you a nice portfolio to publish on Github, giving a nice proof of your gradual learning.

Q. Why should I learn ReactJS?

A. ReactJS is one of the most popular React library that is looked after by companies hiring for front end developers. This course will give you enough confidence and projects, in-depth understanding of react that you will be able to apply for Jr. Front End developer or Jr. React Developer positions.

Q. Where are the code files used in this course?

A. All code files are already included in this course. All most all (not all videos) videos have attachment, where whatever code I have written in that video, is attached in the video. Final projects are included in this course.

Q. Why there are bug fixing videos in this course?

A. I have tried to give you a real-world development approach with this course. Not all codes are written with “You write and it will work like magic” approach. All developers make mistakes and I have not skipped that part. All though very less but all debugging videos are added in the course (some in fast forward mode), so that you can see and understand the debugging process.

I hope that this course will serve you best at most affordable pricing that I can offer.


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