Complete Python Programming 2020: Beginner to Advanced


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Paid course
All Levels
15 hours
164 lessons
Available on completion
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Mostafa Bigdeli
  • All dimension of Python from variables, functions, loops and libraries to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Object Oriented Mapper (ORM) and Data science
  • Complex features and topics of Python such as Comprehensions, Decorators, Literal Quarries and Magic codes
  • Create games with Python such as Fizz-buzz game, dungeon game and guess word game
  • Create apps with Python such as reminder app and shopping list app
  • Do Data Mining, Image Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence(AI) projects with Python
  • Do professional programming in professional teams and groups
  • Work with SQL Alchemy
  • Design tests and do error debugging
  • Work with Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
  • Work with Git Bash and Linux Commands


In this Python course, Learn every dimension of Python Programming and Do Machine Learning, Data Science and with Python

Above and Beyond of Python Programming..!

If you are a beginner but you want to be advanced in Python, and if you want to develop your skills and become master of it to do Machine Learning, Data Science or Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects, absolutely Python Programming Masterclass: beginner to professional is one of the best possible options.

This course was designed for all who do not have any background but want to learn Python very well and do professional and real-world projects. So you will learn Python from installing on your system to professional concepts, functions, and codes. In this course, the approach is simple: learning useful and practical techniques and tools. So we avoid wasting our time on useless concepts which are not used in real projects. This course teaches you every dimension of Python in which you learn how to use special methods, codes, and tricks to have write complex codes with least codes and finally create professional programs, apps, and games. Generally, some of the topics and concepts you learn in this course are as the following:

· Functions

· Variables

· Rules of coding

· Error debugging

· Different Python data types such as numbers, strings, lists, slices, dictionaries, tuples, sets, etc.

· Python logic such as loops, conditions, exception, inputs, outputs, etc.

· Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as Intellisense, Autopep 8, themes, shortcuts, tricks of Visual Studio Code, internal terminals, Installing Git Bash for Linux systems, Plugins, tools, etc.

· Object-Oriented Systems in Python such as attributes, methods, self, parent, super, magic methods, yields, class method, static, organizing codes, etc.

· Designing tests in Python such as Doctests, unit tests, etc.

· Comprehensions

· Decorators

· Image editing

· Date and time

· First-class citizens and working with some special functions such as map function, filter function, reduce function, etc.

· Data science

· Regular Expression (regex)

· Object-Oriented Mapper (ORM)

· Json and CSV files

· SQL Alchemy

· Text processing

· And much more..!

Above all, there are many challenges and exercises in this course which takes you in the depth of Python and real-world projects. Some of these projects are as the following:

· Creating  reminder app

· Creating  shopping list app

· Creating Fizz-buzz game

· Creating Dungeon game

· Guess number game

· Guess word game

By the end of this course you will be able to:

· Implement websites

· Design and create games

· Work with Objet-oriented system

· Design software

· Design complex algorithms

· Do Data mining

· Work with Artificial intelligence systems

· Do image processing

· Work Web crawler

· Work with APIs

Just give it a try and enjoy the result….

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