Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey


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Jose Portilla
  • Create your own Python scripts to automate tasks.
  • Read CSV Files with Python.
  • Be able to work with PDF files in Python.
  • Manipulate images with Python.
  • Learn how to create functions with Python.
  • Use Object Oriented Programming with Python.
  • Send and receive emails automatically with Python.
  • Decryption , Encryption, and Hashing with Python.
  • Plot geographical points on Google Maps with Python.
  • Read files and apply regular expressions with Python.
  • Scrape websites for information using Python.


Master Python 3! Use story based learning to go from a beginner to being able to create real programs with Python!

Welcome to the Complete Python Masterclass Journey!

This course is designed to take you from a complete beginner in programming all the way to becoming an effective programmer that can use Python to solve real tasks! I'm Jose Portilla and I am the most popular Python instructor on the Udemy platform. I've taught Python programming at Fortune 500 companies and I'm very excited to bring the same quality of material to Udemy! Python is used by some of the world's largest companies to accomplish all kinds of tasks.

This course is also completely different than any other course on Udemy, it incorporates a narrative story that helps engage students and also provides context to the different tasks you have to accomplish. We utilize project based learning to effectively teach Python and give you the skills to put Python on your resume. We have numerous projects and tasks for you to practice what you are learning.

In addition to this we have Question and Answer forums where Teaching Assistants and myself are present to help answer any questions you may have, we also have a chat channel where you can talk to other students to team up on your own projects!

We will cover a lot of topics in this course! Including:

  • Basic Python Data Types such as numbers, variables, lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets, and more.
  • Key Control Flow - This is the logic that helps run your code, such as if, elif, and else statements.
  • Loops - We'll show you how to become an expert user of for loops and while loops so you can effectively program.
  • Functions - You will learn how to create clean, reusable functions that help automate tasks that you repeat.
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - We will explain OOP in a clear and steady way, helping you master one of Python's most powerful features.
  • Web Scraping - Learn to use the BeautifulSoup and Requests libraries to perform web scraping.
  • CSV Files - You'll be able to use Python's built in csv library to work with csv data with Python.
  • PDF Files - Learn about the PyPDF2 library that allows you to read PDF files pro grammatically.
  • Zip Files - See how Python can zip files and extract information from already compressed zip files.
  • OS Module - Discover how to  perform operating system level commands with Python's os module.
  • Images - You will learn how to edit and resize images with Python.
  • Decryption and Encryption - See how to use the cryptography library with Python to encode and decode encrypted messages.
  • Geographical Mapping - We'll show you how to use Python in conjunction with the Google Map's API to plot information on a map!
  • and so much more!

All of this content also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try out the course risk free for a full 30 days.

I'll see you inside the course!

Jose Portilla

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